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Facial Treatment

chem peels


Don't underestimate the power of the peel!  If you're scared of needles, or bougie on a budget, chemical peels may be the solution for you!  We offer chemical peels by Glytone, including mandelic peels that Dr. Glow Up loves for just about every skin type, and TCA peels.   Furthermore, there are great options to stimulate collagen production utilizing TCA, and lessening the surface peel, like BioRePeel.  

When will I see results?

You will note some plump, pink skin after the peel, from increased skin circulation.  After a week of dryness and peeling, you will notice brighter skin.  Multiple treatments will result in increased collagen (yay!).

What is BioRePeel?

A combination peel featuring TCA 30%, and different alpha, beta and polyhydroxyacids, as well as amino acids and vitamins, this peel offers the benefits of a strong peel without the downtime!

Will I be red or peel?

Mild dryness is expected.  You can peel around the nose or by the corners of the mouth.  Protecting from the sun is key!  Your "stereotype" red peely face is not expected.



Learn more about BioRePeel on their informational website here:


Info from Glytone

Great information from Glytone regarding the different peels offered and pre-& and post-care tips:

Glytone Peels


How much do peels cost?

We encourage doing a series of peels, starting at $400/3 for Glytone peels and $1000/4 for BioRePeel.  A consultation with our skincare staff is encouraged, and financing options are available!  

before & afters

After 1 treatment of BioRePeel (TCA) offered at Skin and Tonic in West Henderson NV.
After 3 treatments of BioRePeel (TCA) offered at Skin and Tonic in West Henderson NV.
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