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Exosomes are just one aspect of regenerative aesthetics.  You may have heard of PRP or vampire facials, Dr. Glow Up feels that exosomes are even better.  With a uniform and consistent product profile, exosomes can be applied to face post-procedurally, to hair, to the body, and with even more indications to come!

Exosomes are messages from stem cells that are packaged in a way that can be delivered to the deeper layers of your skin, with instructions to produce more collagen and elastin (read: younger!).  Most typically paired with Sylfirm X (radiofrequency microneedling) or plain microneedling, but can be used after laser or chemical peels as well.


When will I see results?

The first result is instant, a reduction of redness and irritation is immediately noted.  You'll generally notice an increased glow for several months.  With continued treatments, an overall plumpness from collagen lends to a more youthful appearance.

Don't forget your scalp!

Exosomes are valuable to scalp care and hair growth.  Adipose cells, form which Benev exosomes are derived, have specific studies pertaining to hair growth.  For best results,  combine with Sylfirm and Viviscal Pro!

When can I be seen?

While you can be seen that day, application of exosomes typically follow microneedling or other procedure that involves punctures and we do not advise use of makeup that day to reduce risk of infection.


Who can use exosomes?

Every skin type, all ages.  

The added benefit:

No blood draw!

Why 3 treatments?

We always recommend the initial procedure to be in sets of 3 (and sometimes 4-6), and then yearly maintenance of 1-2X/year.  

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