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The Aerolase NeoElite is a 650-microsecond 1064nm Nd:YAG laser that has multiple indications: resurfacing, acne, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma, psoriasis, rosacea, acne scarring.  Using the NeoElite machine, there are several programs available, such as NeoClear and NeoSkin, to address the most common, but specific, concerns.

Dr. Fortunato specifically selected this laser device because of its safety profile with all skin types (from lighter to darker skin), and ability to be combined with other treatments in the same setting. 

When will I see results?

Initial results can be seen in several days but it will take multiple treatments to achieve the desired effect for redness or hyperpigmentation.  There can be a temporary darkening of pigment as it comes to the surface.


What is NeoClear?

NeoClear fights acne by reducing sebum production, suppress inflammation, and destroy the p. acnes bacteria. Allowing energy to penetrate deeply into the skin within a highly safe and tolerable pulse helps clear current acne breakouts and to stop them in the future.

Multiple treatments?

Lasers target different pigments, and these pigments can be at different depths within the skin layer.  It takes time and multiple treatments.

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Does it hurt?

Laser therapy is completely painless for most people. A tingling sensation, slight warmth. However, the majority of people feel nothing during treatment.

What is NeoSkin?

NeoSkin’s 650-microsecond energy targets water in the dermis to stimulate collagen production, which reduces fine lines, pores, and tightens skin.  NeoSkin targets melanin and hemoglobin to clear brown pigment, clear vascular lesions, and suppress inflammation. 

It can be paired?

Aerolase Neo is a great pairing with other procedures, like peels and microneedling.  It can actually speed up healing time.

General prices

Price per session is around $400-500, but we strongly encourage a package of 3, which is priced  at $1000 for most skin conditions.  Discuss with the Skin + Tonic  crew for more information!

How long does this take?

These treatments typically take 20-60 minutes depending on what conditions need to be addressed and how large the treatment area is (face, neck, chest). It may be performed without any skin cooling, anesthetic, and even without the need to touch the skin

And darker skin types?

That's why Dr. Fortunato picked this device, specifically for its ability to be used on darker skin types!

before & afters

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