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The amazing technology of Sylfirm X!

Why did Dr. Glow Up choose Sylfirm X?

  1. FDA approval for both continuous wave and pulse wave technology

  2. The Na effect-- the distribution of energy is in a teardrop shape at the tip of the needle, avoiding skin damage with previous uninsulated needles.

  3. The comfort of "skinnier" uninsulated needles!

  4. The indications specifically for melasma, and overall the priority of addressing pigment and darker skin types. This was absolutely the most important point for Dr. Glow Up-- previous systems only recommended "reducing settings by 20%" and "make sure the patient is on a pigment blocker". This machine was designed in South Korea, and specifically targets the concern for uneven pigmentation in darker skin types. Finally!

  5. Not requiring the depth to be so deep, targets the dermis. For the patient, this means a LOT more comfort, and a LOT less bleeding.

  6. Paired with exosomes, this combination of energy, microneedling, and the cellular messages to instruct the skin to turn over, be calm (in terms of redness and brown pigmentation) packs incredible results

Just like other machines we are proudly featuring at Skin + Tonic, Sylfirm has multiple indications, with powerful results for each. The photos below demonstrate how effective it is for pigmentation (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation after acne, or melasma), skin rejuvenation, active acne and acne scarring. Don't forget the lines and pigmentation on the neck, décolleté, chest, the eyelids (!) and around the mouth.

Schedule a consultation at Skin + Tonic to discuss how Sylfirm works, and if it's the right treatment for YOU! We'll also talk about how to prolong the results with good preventative skincare, and how to make this work in any budget with financing options through Cherry!


Dr. Glow Up

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