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The Art of the Pivot

Progress is never a linear course. Learning is never a linear course.

Whenever we encounter an obstacle our way, we often express disappointment. Such is the case with opening Skin + Tonic's location. I thought we'd be open by mid-February, but here we are mid-March, and the Volunteer location is just as it was. No construction, no paint, no changes. "What a disappointment" is such an easy expression. But what if the reason behind it all was for something more? Perhaps it was just a sign, or an allowance of more time, to solidify the team (who are amazing, just gotta say!), our procedures, and when it comes time to debut the location, it is going to be that much better. Light, in times of darkness, shines that much more.

A link to a Forbes article with the same name:

So, taking our setbacks in stride, and viewing it from the perspective of the need for pause and pivot! Number 2 in this article is entitled "Fail fast." Which sounds crazy, but we all learn from our failures than we do our successes. Whilst awaiting the completion of construction of our 3511 Volunteer Blvd. clinic location, we are open for business at our temporary home of 98 Corporate Park Dr. You can schedule an appointment online from the convenience of your couch (or car!).

xoxo, Dr. Glow Up

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