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sylfirm x


There is an increasing number of radiofrequency microneedling machines available for patients to try.  Dr. Fortunato has selected the Sylfirm X because of the comfort level and the focus on pigmentation.  

For patients concerned about skin texture or laxity, and concerned that heat can aggravate their melasma or pigmentation, this is the ideal option for you.  Pain or discomfort associated with Sylfirm versus other machines is markedly improved!

For clinicians, the technology available on the Sylfirm is impressive, using uninsulated needles but delivery of the energy at the tip only.

Pairing Sylfirm with exosomes is achieving astounding results that are being discussed at conferences constantly.

When will I see results?

1-2 weeks for the initial results, and 3-6 months for ongoing improvement of your skin! (It takes that long for collagen to form)


Why 3 treatments?

The results are consistent at 3-4 treatments.  Some may notice after the first treatment.  Some conditions may require more. We recommend 1-2x/yearly after the initial series.

Does it hurt?

With topical anesthesia and a much shallower depth than other systems, Dr. Fortunato's honest answer is barely.  We aim for your comfort.  

Don't forget your scalp!

Sylfirm is also a great option to enhance hair growth for thinning.  It improves the scalp health to optimize hair growth, especially with other modalities.  Combine with Viviscal Pro!

When can I be seen?

Social downtime is not that long.  We recommend withholding makeup for 24-48 hours after the procedure.  We have post-procedure care instructions for patients.

And darker skin types?

Unlike other systems, the company and inventor (Benev and Dr. Na), have really focused on melasma and darker skin types, this benefits everyone!  It's FDA approved for melasma!

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